Precision Machining Nixie Watch

Precision Machining A Nixie Tube Watch

Precision Machining a Nixie Tube Watch requires a complex, precise and advanced manufacturing process. A nixie tube watch is the solution to frustratingly short battery lives that the modern watches, today, have embodied. Here at P4Swiss/Lindel CNC Machining, we recently received the unique opportunity to manufacture watch housing components. Our team of mechanists effectively produced, both, round and square watch housing case units that have a high level of strength and durability, particularly fabricated for the Nixie Tube Watch. Precision Machining The Original Round Nixie Tube Watch A round Cathode Nixie Tube Watch was brought to light by a man
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5-Axis CNC Milling

Defense Production Highlight: 5-Axis CNC Milling

Why commit to a precise 5-Axis CNC Milling machine for complex Defense Components? No attention to detail can be spared when it comes to Defense CNC Machining. P4Swiss / Lindel Engineering is the go-to choice among the many manufacturers who are currently fabricating defense equipment and tools. Our experienced and highly skilled machinists greatly excel in the craft of CNC milling, specifically 5-Axis CNC milling. Our machine shop can efficiently work with various materials that range from stainless steel all the way to titanium. CNC Machining For The Defense Industry When a Defense Component is machined for the Defense Industry,
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Precise 5-axis CNC Milling

Precise 5-Axis CNC Milling Supports The University of Arizona Engineering Students

The Precise 5-Axis CNC Milling techniques that our machine shop utilizes will greatly satisfy various industries. When it comes to precision, accuracy, speed and efficiency, the ability to successfully match a certain milling process with a client’s particular project is extremely imperative. Our team of experts can provide a highly effective and unique solution for numerous types of CNC milling projects. P4Swiss / Lindel CNC Machining is a precision manufacturing company that focuses on our clients, properly exceeding any expectations. We continuously strive to improve our company’s processes, ensuring on-time delivery and high performance, quality machined parts. The Complexity Of
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Aerospace CNC Machining That Is Out Of This World

Attention to detail cannot be spared when it comes to Aerospace CNC Machining. Here at P4Swiss/Lindel, CNC machined parts for the aerospace industry are precisely and accurately manufactured. A team of scientists and engineers, at the University of Arizona, reached out to us with confidence that we would efficiently meet their expectations. Thus, we partnered with NASA and the University of Arizona for the successful completion of this exciting aerospace project. Aerospace CNC Machining P4Swiss/Lindel is the most trusted manufacturer for quality and accuracy in aerospace CNC machined parts. Our shop can efficiently meet any requirements and exceed all expectations
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Custom CNC Machined Parts

Do you need high precision CNC Machined Parts that accurately meet your exact specifications? Our shop excels at custom CNC projects where detail is necessary. We can offer manufacturers the success and dependability needed in CNC machined parts. Our team of industry professionals can efficiently manufacture complex custom CNC parts for a variety of projects and for various industries. For that reason, we recently had the opportunity to manufacture a part that came with great complexity. In order to effectively manufacture this part, with exceptional detail, it required 5-axis milling on a CNC mill machine. What is CNC Milling? CNC
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CNC Swiss & Standard CNC Machinery

Differences & Advantages of CNC Swiss & Standard CNC Machinery

There are distinct Differences & Advantages of CNC Swiss & Standard CNC Machinery when it comes to manufacturing precise parts. Each type of machine can precisely and efficiently manufacture intricate parts for a variety of jobs and for various industries. Each type of machinery is going to involve different applications. A CNC Swiss Lathe machine will require different operations compared to the CNC Lathe machine. Understanding the distinct Differences & Advantages of CNC Swiss & Standard CNC Machinery can help to determine which machining is necessary for your individual part. P4Swiss/Lindel has become more efficient and is now quoting shorter
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5-Axis Mills

5-Axis Mills Reduce Production Time

Are you starting to wait longer in order to receive your machined parts for CNC milling projects? Perhaps that machine shop’s lead time goes on for months at a time, or only produces manufactured parts using a 3-axis mill. When it comes to 5-Axis Mills, they can reduce a milling project’s production time for a variety of industries. Prior to investing in their advanced 5-Axis CNC Mills, P4Swiss/Lindel operated on 3-axis or 4-axis milling machine. 3-Axis CNC Milling Some CNC machine shops have not, yet, effectively manufactured intricate parts using modern, up to date 5-axis milling. As a result, they
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CNC Mill Machines Manufacturing Construction Parts

CNC Mill Machines Manufacturing Construction Parts

The P4Swiss/Lindel Precision CNC Shop provides manufacturers with various options for their complex, precise milling and CNC machining projects. Such as, CNC mill machines manufacturing construction parts. Their CNC mill machines have a work envelope ranging up to 20 inches in length by 40 inches in width. P4Swiss/Lindel offers CNC milling in: 3-axis 4-axis 5-axis Their CNC shop provides four dedicated 5-axis CNC milling machines, with work envelopes ranging up to 12 inches in diameter. As a result, your manufactured part(s) will be engineered a lot faster and more accurately than some CNC shops can provide. Because of their precise
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High-Quality CNC Machining & Advanced Project Management

High-Quality CNC Machining & Advanced Project Management

Is precise welding and painting necessary for the quality of your complex CNC machined parts? P4Swiss/Lindel excels at manufacturing highly qualified CNC machined parts while, also, efficiently providing Advanced Project Management! High-Quality CNC Machining for Driverless Semi Trucks Because of our highly advanced milling abilities and lathes, we are able to manufacture precise complex parts. Our quality team efficiently manufactured three separate milled and lathe turned parts. As a result, providing high-quality and precise parts for driverless semi trucks. We have two certified welders who assembled these parts, efficiently welding the aluminum parts together. Afterwards, it was necessary to blend
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CNC Milling Machines

CNC Mill Machines Produce Small, Complex Parts

CNC Mill Machines allow us to efficiently manufacture small, complex and precise CNC machined parts. What We Excel At At P4Swiss/Lindel, our quality team excels at small complex short run production. We not only have 3-axis and 4-axis machining, but 5-axis CNC mill machines, as well.
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cnc machining for large complex parts tucson arizona

Precision CNC Machining for All Sizes – Large Complex Components

The P4Swiss / Lindel team takes great pride in their precision CNC machining and the high-quality products we produce for our customers. Most pieces are quite small, requiring tolerances as tight as .0005”. Occasionally, though, customers come to us with requests for machining of larger, yet still highly complex parts. In a recent project, we were able to help with one such piece. “While the process is much the same, large, complex machined parts like this are a welcome challenge for our machinists,” said Tom Ferrara, P4Swiss / Lindel General Manager. This custom machined piece consisted of more than 40
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medical cnc parts manufacturing tucson arizona

Medical Manufacturing: Answering the Call for Custom Complex CNC Machining

The team at P4Swiss / Lindel Precision CNC Machining has been navigating recent COVID-19 updates with special attention. While many manufacturers are focusing on a return-to-work strategy, the P4Swiss / Lindel team continues production and service at 100%, focused on serving their precision CNC manufacturing clients. While, as an industry, they’ve experienced a brief respite in business closures and slowed demand due to COVID, the need for precision medical supplies and custom, complex parts remains high. As a critical supplier to the medical industry, as well as others, they’re prepared to assist their customers through any additional pandemic issues that
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Project Management Matters

Project Management – The Precision Manufacturing Advantage

There’s a lot to be said for lean processes and building efficiencies in a production environment. But when it comes to support after the sale, cutting corners is a risk the team at P4Swiss / Lindel refuses to take.
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precision cnc mill american made

Tucson CNC Speed & Support – From Prototypes to Large-Run Reproduction

For more than three decades, the team at P4Swiss / Lindel have been helping manufacturers throughout the United States produce state-of-the-art machined parts for some of the most advanced machinery on the planet (and beyond). Success stories like these, though, often start with humble origins. Each precision part, whether machined for medical or optical manufacturing, military / defense contractors, or aerospace engineers, starts with a custom prototype. No matter if it’s as a new component within a precision manufacturing workflow or to innovate a current complex part through testing materials or alternate CNC machining techniques, the prototyping stage is often
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milling precision tucon arizona

The ‘Precise’ Advantages of Advanced, Multi-Axis CNC Milling

Since 1987, the team at P4Swiss / Lindel has been providing precision, multi-axis milling to our customers throughout the southwest United States and across the nation. Specialty manufacturers including medical and optical, aerospace, military/defense contractors, and more have relied on P4Swiss / Lindel for the advanced machining precision necessary to success in their highly competitive industries. “We’re truly honored to partner with our milling and precision CNC customers,” said Tom Ferrara, General Manager at P4Swiss / Lindel. “As these industries continue to advance, the precision and intricacy of the parts we produce become more amazing with every order.” Capabilities available
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milling custom cnc parts tucson arizona

Milling for 5-Axis, 4-Axis, and 3-Axis Projects Available Now

It’s no surprise that milling for precision machined parts is in high demand these days. When it comes to accuracy, speed and efficiency, the ability to match the milling process with the clients’ project is imperative. While some CNC shops have 3-axis or 4-axis lathes, the team at P4Swiss / Lindel take the precision a step further, offering not only 3-axis and 4-axis machining but also 5-axis CNC machining. With an extensive range of production levels available to the market, their lathes produce some of the nations most precise complex small parts. If you’d like to see more samples of
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5-axis cnc mill tucson arizona

P4Swiss / Lindel’s 5-Axis CNC Machining Capitalizes on Accuracy and Efficiency

CNC machining, for decades, has been the manufacturers’ choice for precision manufactured parts. From the medical industry to defense contractors, agricultural manufacturers,  and more, the demand for ever more precision, speed and complexity on smaller parts has been on the rise. With P4Swiss / Lindel Precision CNC Machining’s 5-Axis CNC capabilities, customers not only take advantage of the precision of computer numerical controlled (CNC) production, but also the accuracy and efficiency of this multi-axis set up. Check out the latest 5-Axis CNC machined parts from P4Swiss / Lindel in our production gallery (click here). While many CNC machines work on
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custom swiss cnc machined parts

Precision Swiss CNC For Medical and Defense Dependability and More

When the medical industry or defense contractors need reliable precision machined components, they turn to the Swiss CNC machining expertise of P4Swiss / Lindel. Their ability to consistently manufacture quality, complicated machined parts supports a variety of essential industries we rely on every day. A recent custom order posed a unique challenge for the CNC Swiss machining team. Specifications for the component to be used in a defense manufacturing operation were small and complex, with a length of only two inches, a narrow, tapered tip, and a threaded collar. It was necessary to get inside the collar without damaging the
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precision cnc machining in arizona

2020 Snapshot: Customer Loyalty & Dedication to the CNC Industry Drive the P4Swiss / Lindel Team

When 2020 opened, the team at P4Swiss / Lindel CNC Manufacturing were riding high on their recent merger and the anticipation of growing the CNC Mill/Lathe and Swiss CNC manufacturing market. With news of custom CNC parts produced by the P4Swiss / Lindel heading into space and increasing capabilities across the operation, the news of potential industry downturn and international pandemic meant pivoting on plans and making adjustments to meet demand in a slightly different market landscape.   After assessing the initial impact of COVID-19, keeping the P4Swiss / Lindel team and their clients safe was at the top priority,
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Custom Complex CNC Machined Parts

Production Feature: Custom Complex CNC Machined Parts

The manufacturing sector has seen a steady increase in demand for small complex parts and P4Swiss / Lindel has met and exceeded the call. Excelling in complex precision machined parts, P4Swiss / Lindel Precision CNC has the team and the tools to fill your custom order. Recently, P4Swiss / Lindel was called upon to manufacture an underwater propeller to meet very precise specifications for use on small unmanned water craft. With the specifications of the part needed, the P4Swiss / Lindel team got to work on machining the small complex part to precisely match the Solid Model File (similar to
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p4swiss lindel precision cnc machining tucson arizona

P4Swiss / Lindel Secures Doosan Lathe For Added CNC Production

Keeping up with growth in the manufacturing sector, P4Swiss / Lindel CNC Machining recently grew their stable of tools. A Doosan Puma 2100SY lathe was recently purchased to help keep up with demand. Doosan’s Puma 2100SY is a high performance lathe, designed for precision CNC production and premium surface finishes. With a max turning length of 20”, max turning diameter of 16″, and a chuck size of 8”, this machine can get the work done on some of the toughest materials ranging from steel and aluminum to titanium alloys and more. Click on the images below to see a gallery
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precision cnc machingin tucson arizona

VIDEO: Size Doesn’t Matter With P4Swiss / Lindel CNC Machining Innovation

Precision CNC machining and Swiss CNC machining require the ability to produce custom machined parts quickly, efficiently and at a cost competitive within a very full market. Demanding industries like military and defense manufacturers and medical manufacturers need to know they have a CNC machining partner that can provide precision at every level and for orders of any size. At P4Swiss / Lindel CNC Machining, our team runs three 5-axis CNC machines with work envelopes ranging up to 12”. Each piece engineered for these machines can be produced faster and more accurate than competing CNC machines due to its ability
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precision cnc machinging tucson arizona lindel p4swiss

Celebrating Labor Day Means Honoring Our Hard Working Teams

Labor Day is a special holiday for the team at P4Swiss / Lindel CNC Machining. More than a long weekend or a break from the daily grind (no pun intended), we look to the celebration of Labor Day as a well-deserved recognition to all of our team members for the hard work they do. In recent months, the P4Swiss / Lindel crew has grown to meet the demand from a burgeoning manufacturing economy. This has meant developing and on-boarding new projects for our Swiss CNC and precision machining teams. From CNC machine operators to administrative members and shipping and receiving
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best cnc tucson arizona

Utilize Our New CNC Machinists & Increased Production Capacity

P4Swiss / Lindel CNC Machining has been taking the recent challenges with the manufacturing industry and turning them into a value-added opportunity for our customers...
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