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Tucson CNC Machine Shop – P4Swiss / Lindel CNC Machining

P4Swiss / Lindel CNC Machining is a customer driven precision machining company which fulfills customer’s expectations through quality assurance. To promote business growth and profitability, Lindel continuously improves processes to provide a fair price and ensure on-time delivery.




CNC Lathe capability:

  • CNC Turning, .025” to 12.000” diameter x 12.000” Tolerance +/-.0005”
  • Live Tooling with sub spindle

CNC Vertical Milling Centers:

  • CNC Milling, 3,4,5 axis capabilities
  • CNC Milling, 20x50x20 3 axis capacity
  • CNC Hi Volume 10,000 RPM

CAM System:

  • Gibbs CAM 12.0
  • Master CAM X9

Big and Small

We specialize in big and small parts. No matter what your project entails, we can handle it.

Materials of Choice

cnc machining capabilities

We machine a variety of substances and specialize in non-ferrous and exotic materials such as aluminum, copper, bronze brass, titanium, and TeflonR. In addition, Lindel Precision CNC Machining is well versed in plastics like DelrinR, NorylR, peek, PVC, UHMW, and many others.

  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Red Metals
  • Plastics
  • Stainless Steel

Challenging Projects

Rely on our experience to complete your most challenging projects. In fact, we have customers insist on Lindel taking their most complex parts because from their past experience they know they can count us to get the job completed on time and to their specifications. Having a problem with your project? Ask us, we can help.


We use state of the art software and equipment to ensure your final product is exactly as designed.

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