Precision Machining General Manager

Please Welcome Bill Thomasson: Our New General Manager

By drivendigital | October 19, 2023

The manufacturing sector is constantly changing, advancing and growing. In recent years, there has been a significant growth in fabricators who need precision machined parts for production operations. Complex geometries and demanding tolerances are frequently being sought after. With that being said, Precision Machining has become critically important for a vast majority of industries. Precision Machining has the ability to produce the precise, complicated and intricately designed parts without any errors. Part of our strategy, here at P4Swiss | Lindel CNC Machining, is properly maintaining the increase in demand for precision machined parts. To help us do that, we have

Aerospace CNC Machining Process

The CNC Machining Process For Aerospace Components

By drivendigital | September 19, 2023

An error on an aerospace component will, ultimately, result in an immense safety hazard. For that reason, it is essential that human errors are prevented during the machining process, which will, in turn, reduce the risk of a faulty part being produced. The CNC Machining Process is capable of fabricating the complex aerospace components that have intricate geometries. Multiple manufacturing procedures can be performed on a part simultaneously with a CNC machine. Because of this, the machinery has the ability to manufacture specific specifications and significantly tight tolerances. In the realm of aerospace, this is immensely important, as aircrafts and

5-axis CNC machining project

What Are The Benefits Of 5-Axis CNC Machining?

By drivendigital | August 9, 2023

A growing number of industries are routinely searching for accuracy in their machined parts. This has, essentially, led to an increase in demand for 5-Axis CNC Machining. More companies prefer 5-axis CNC machining, because it can offer continuous precision and exact accuracy on a project. A 5-axis CNC machine is able to provide: High Precision Intricate Geometries Tight Tolerances Understanding 5-Axis CNC Machining 5-axis CNC machines offer a specialized and advanced manufacturing process that has the ability to fabricate complex parts and components. CNC refers to a Computer Numerically Controlled operation. In other words, the machining process is completely controlled


Production Highlight | Precision CNC Machining

By drivendigital | June 28, 2023

Many industries require precisely machined components that have complex geometries and demanding tolerances. Precision CNC Machining is known as one of the most accurate methods that can properly produce precise and complicated components without any errors. For that reason, CNC manufacturing is being widely used throughout a variety of industries today. P4Swiss | Lindel CNC Machining is able to perform numerous CNC manufacturing techniques. Each technique, essentially, serves a different purpose. With that being said, our facility has the ability to successfully match the proper machining process with your particular project, especially when it comes to precision, accuracy, speed and

What Is The Swiss CNC Machining Process?

By drivendigital | May 23, 2023

In the world of precision manufacturing, Swiss CNC Machining has emerged as one of the most accurate methods for producing small and complicated components without any errors. In recent years, there has been a significant growth in fabricators deciding on a Swiss CNC machine to manufacture the parts, tools and equipment that are needed in their facility’s production operations. The increase in demand for Swiss CNC machined parts has enabled this advanced manufacturing process to attain widespread recognition and popularity among a wide variety of industries. Here at P4Swiss | Lindel CNC Machining, we recently received the opportunity to produce

What Is Precision CNC Machining?

By drivendigital | April 18, 2023

Complex geometries and demanding tolerances are desired and sought after by the manufacturing industry. As a result, Precision CNC Machining is widely used by manufacturers today. This production process is essential in the manufacturing sector. Precision CNC machining, solely, relies on computerized machine tools. In other words, computer numerically controlled cutting tools will perform an automated manufacturing procedure. The computerized machine tools are going to precisely remove material with high repeatability and accuracy. Our highly skilled team of machinists, here at P4Swiss | Lindel CNC Machining, had the opportunity to fabricate extremely intricate CNC machined parts that, ultimately, required great

Defense CNC Machining | Military Manufacturing

By drivendigital | March 16, 2023

Military personnel are entirely dependent on their equipment to operate and function properly. For this reason, a defense component is required to have the ability to withstand maximum use in extreme environments. Defense CNC Machining is a necessary manufacturing method in the military, as it provides a highly precise and extremely accurate production operation. A CNC Machine is, ultimately, capable of producing a consistently durable defense component. With that being said, this manufacturing procedure is the go-to choice for military applications. Our machine shop recently received the opportunity to produce a unique and complex CNC machined part for the Military


Optical Machining A Precision Component

By drivendigital | February 20, 2023

Optical components are continuing to increase in complexity and intricacy. For that reason, the Optical Machining process requires the highest precision and accuracy. Today, a high quality optical part can be produced with the advanced technology of CNC Manufacturing, one that guarantees proper placement in complex optical systems, without malfunctioning or breaking down. This makes CNC Machining, especially, ideal for a wide range of optical parts. Optical CNC Machining Optical CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machining is a manufacturing procedure that utilizes computers to numerically control the cutting tool’s technique. A 3D design of the optical part is created with a

Aerospace CNC Machining | Featuring A Torlon Part

By drivendigital | January 26, 2023

Attention to detail cannot be spared when it comes to Aerospace CNC Machining. As a company who has manufactured a wide variety of aerospace components, we can fabricate highly complex and intricate geometries. Aerospace Manufacturing requires quality and thorough management through each level of the production operation. That is why we utilize an advanced project management process. It allows our machine shop to precisely manufacture geometrical parts that operate with high performance. Advanced Project Management in Aerospace Manufacturing Here at P4Swiss | Lindel CNC Machining, your aerospace component is going to receive an advanced project management process. We are regularly

CNC Machining Process

What Is The CNC Machining Process?

By drivendigital | December 23, 2022

The CNC Machining Process is widely used by manufacturers today. A CNC machine is highly beneficial and has a variety of advantages. The manufacturing process will perform a continuous and repeatable cutting procedure on raw material. CNC machinery is controlled and operated by a computer, so that it can manufacture a complex part. The History Behind CNC Manufacturing An idea that had been pondered over, for some time, was a numerical control (NC) perception of machining. A numerical control device was produced in the year 1949, by John Parsons. John was, otherwise, known as a computing pioneer. The Numerical Control