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Project Management – The Precision Manufacturing Advantage

There’s a lot to be said for lean processes and building efficiencies in a production environment. But when it comes to support after the sale, cutting corners is a risk the team at P4Swiss / Lindel refuses to take. Beyond precision manufacturing, advanced project management practices integrated in the P4Swiss / Lindel production process is where their manufacturing customers can rest assured that their precision CNC and Swiss CNC machined parts will receive the utmost attention to detail, from design review and prototyping through delivery.

“When it comes to customer support and project management,” said Tom Ferrara, P4Swiss / Lindel General Manager. “We focus on making sure projects are tracked from order through delivery. We don’t want any interruptions in the customers’ supply chain or their workflow.”

With precision manufacturing processes, communication becomes the pivotal element in project management. When dealing with highly complex, custom machined parts, some that require production tolerances of less than +/- .0005”, a constant flow of information and transparency are key.

Through the P4Swiss / Lindel MRP (Material Requirements Planning) software, the sales and support team as well as the Production Manager, can determine stock and material needs for active and upcoming projects. They can also set and manage scheduling and capacity for the machines on the production floor. This allows the team to build detailed production schedules as well as address any issues that may come up throughout the process, communicating with the customer at each stage to assure on-time, accurate delivery.

“Through our MRP program, we can foresee potential supply challenges or troubleshoot a production issue in real-time.” said Ferrara. “We depend on constant customer communication so we can plan appropriately for the best desired outcome.”

If you have questions or would like a quote on your latest precision CNC machined part, you can reach out to our Production Manager, Tony Torrez, at, call 520-792-3160, or click the “Request a Custom CNC Quote Today” link below.

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