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Medical Manufacturing: Answering the Call for Custom Complex CNC Machining

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The team at P4Swiss / Lindel Precision CNC Machining has been navigating recent COVID-19 updates with special attention. While many manufacturers are focusing on a return-to-work strategy, the P4Swiss / Lindel team continues production and service at 100%, focused on serving their precision CNC manufacturing clients.

While, as an industry, they’ve experienced a brief respite in business closures and slowed demand due to COVID, the need for precision medical supplies and custom, complex parts remains high. As a critical supplier to the medical industry, as well as others, they’re prepared to assist their customers through any additional pandemic issues that may arise.

Throughout 2020 and on into 2021, P4Swiss / Lindel answered the call for numerous manufactured parts for specialty medical equipment. With ventilator shortages burdening hospitals and clinics around the world, their ability to quickly turn precision parts needed for these machines was more important than ever.

“Early in the pandemic we saw the need for custom machined parts specific to the medical manufacturing industry,” said Tom Ferrara, P4Swiss / Lindel General Manager. “Our production team was able to step up and answer the call with speed and precision.”

Understanding the complexity of CNC machined parts for the medical industry is one of the things that sets the P4Swiss / Lindel team apart. Having been a parts supplier to the medical industry since 1987, manufacturers have relied on the precision and accuracy of the P4Swiss / Lindel team for decades. The ability to produce custom, complex parts out of a variety of materials, from plastics to steel to aluminum and more, helps medical manufacturing clients across the nation answer the demand for more ventilators and specialized medical equipment when it’s needed most. Many manufacturers were even able to receive their parts vacuum sealed for extended protection during shipping.

“The ability to pivot in the face of change is highly important to our success,” said Tony Torrez, P4 Swiss / Lindel Production Manager. “When the medical industry needed us, we were there. And we will be again in the future.”

As concern for hospital supplies and custom machining continues to increase, the team at P4Swiss / Lindel Precision CNC Machining is ready to help meet the demand. If you have a question or would like to submit a custom CNC or Swiss CNC RFQ, please reach out to Tony Torrez at, call 520-792-3160, or click the “Request a Custom CNC Quote Today” link below.

We look forward to working with you.