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Custom CNC Machined Parts

CNC Machined Parts


    Do you need high precision CNC Machined Parts that accurately meet your exact specifications?

    Our shop excels at custom CNC projects where detail is necessary. We can offer manufacturers the success and dependability needed in CNC machined parts. Our team of industry professionals can efficiently manufacture complex custom CNC parts for a variety of projects and for various industries. For that reason, we recently had the opportunity to manufacture a part that came with great complexity. In order to effectively manufacture this part, with exceptional detail, it required 5-axis milling on a CNC mill machine.

    What is CNC Milling?

    CNC milling is a method of mechanical machining that utilizes cutting tools and cutting procedures to shape a piece. CNC is known as computer numerically controlled machining.

    Initially, cutting tools will cut on your piece. Thus, allowing the workpiece to undergo precise cutting motions and processes. This precise cutting system will provide great detail and accuracy during the cutting procedures. While a CNC mill machine manufactures on your part, a computer will manage and control the precise cutting throughout the milling process.

    We will efficiently manufacture your custom-built parts with our CAM software, in order to produce exact specifications. We utilize two CAM software programs, or computer aided manufacturing programs. These programs are called the Mastercam and Gibbs Cam.

    Advantages of CNC Machining

    The most effective choice to precisely manufacture parts is CNC Machining and has been for decades now. Therefore, demand for precision machining, speed, great detail and complexity is increasing. Many industries are searching for accuracy in their CNC machined parts, such as the medical industry, defense contractors, aerospace or optical manufacturers and more.

    When it comes to choosing us as your manufacturer, our highly qualified milling technique can provide:

    • Precision machined parts
    • Consistent and repeatable accuracy with every CNC project
    • Increased production rates with quick delivery

    Our advanced milling machinery can offer CNC milled parts that will exceed your expectations. We have the solutions, skills and quality experience necessary to successfully manufacture precision machined parts.

    5-Axis CNC Machined Parts

    When manufacturing on a 5-axis CNC milling machine, your part will navigate through cutting motions in five separate axes, all at the same time. If utilizing a 3-axis CNC milling machine, only three main axes are operating during the manufacturing process. The three primary axes include:

    1. X-Axis
    2. Y-Axis
    3. Z-Axis

    Compared to a 3-axis mill, the 5-axis CNC milling process consists of a precise cutting procedure that operates a cutting tool, in a rotation process, on two further axes. The additional rotating axes are the A-axis and B-axis. This cutting technique allows for the machine’s cutting tool to manufacture your part in several directions simultaneously. Our CNC shop has four advanced 5-axis CNC mill machines to make certain that the companies we do business with receive quality, accuracy and value in each individual part.

    Our advanced multi-axis milling machinery offers a linear cutting approach on three axes, as well as a rotational cutting method on two additional axes. As a result, allowing for a highly detailed shape and accurate cutting on your part. All cutting tools will operate at the same time, in order to efficiently achieve a complex surface machining process. This advanced CNC cutting procedure gives us the ability to manufacture parts that require a more precise and tighter tolerance. In other words, we can successfully manufacture various complex machined parts for a variety of industries.

    Benefits of Utilizing 5-Axis Milling on Your CNC Machined Parts

    01. Reduced Setup Process

    A 3-axis CNC mill machine would consist of various setup processes when manufacturing your part on various surfaces. We can efficiently accomplish the entire cutting procedure in one individual setup process, due to our precise 5-axis CNC technology. As a result, we are able to fully complete the CNC project quickly, efficiently and with high accuracy.

    02. High Accuracy Offered

    We can precisely cut on your part with five separate axes simultaneously, due to the additional axes that operate in a rotational cutting procedure. Our quality team provides the high accuracy and detail necessary for the complex machined parts needed in the manufacturing industry. 5-axis CNC milling can provide your manufacturing company the precise machining that is required for your parts to sustain quality.

    03. Fast Cutting Procedure Provided

    Our advanced 5-axis CNC milling process provides a lower cycle time. That said, the cutting tools that are all operating in various cutting motions will allow for material to be removed at a faster rate. As a result, getting your part delivered quickly, efficiently and on-time.

    04. Exceptional Surface Finish

    The two additional axes, A-axis and B-axis, will help guide your part and direct it closer to the tool that is performing the cutting. Shorter cutting tools are operating on your part during the rotation. Thus, ensuring your part is less likely to experience a vibration at cutting speeds that are critically high. This will allow for an exceptional surface finish.

    Custom CNC Machined Part

    We recently had the opportunity to manufacture a machined part that came with great complexity.

    Our highly qualified CNC shop successfully manufactured a part with one of our precise 5-axis milling machines. This CNC part was made out of 6061 Aluminum. We efficiently plated this aluminum piece with Black Anodize Type II, Class 2. The machined part was effectively manufactured for the medical industry, measuring 9.5 inches in length, 4.0 inches in width and 2.75 inches in height.

    With our advanced milling techniques, we are able to offer highly detailed and complex CNC machined parts for the medical, aerospace, optical and defense industries.


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