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5-Axis Mills Reduce Production Time

5-Axis Mills

Are you starting to wait longer in order to receive your machined parts for CNC milling projects? Perhaps that machine shop’s lead time goes on for months at a time, or only produces manufactured parts using a 3-axis mill. When it comes to 5-Axis Mills, they can reduce a milling project’s production time for a variety of industries.

Prior to investing in their advanced 5-Axis CNC Mills, P4Swiss/Lindel operated on 3-axis or 4-axis milling machine.

3-Axis CNC Milling

Some CNC machine shops have not, yet, effectively manufactured intricate parts using modern, up to date 5-axis milling. As a result, they are unable to offer their customers precise milling on five sides of their CNC project.

Machining on a 3-axis mill can result in your project yielding a longer production time. The simple milling process only works on three axes of your piece (the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis). This milling procedure will remove material from your manufactured parts, while handling just three axes: up and down, side to side, and front to back.

When parts are being managed on a 3-axis mill machine, eight distinct operations are required in order for your project to be complete. With each operation, it will also require an individual set up process. As a result, a CNC milling project would not be complete for two to three weeks. That is, once the project is at the front of the pipeline and the job has started.

4-Axis CNC Milling

A 4-axis CNC mill machine undertakes an identical process of 3-axis milling, yet with an additional axis. The cutting machine will eliminate the material from your piece. Although, unlike a 3-axis mill, it’s in the event of machining on four axes instead of just three.

4-axis CNC milling not only consists of operating on the X, Y, and Z axes, it additionally involves a certain rotation throughout the X-axis. This procedure is known as the A-axis. The 4-axis CNC machining process involves a detailed and clear cut trimming on the edge of a manufactured part or circling a cylinder piece.

Dedicated 5-Axis CNC Milling Machines

After the programming of their 5-axis Mills, their 5-axis machines transpired and P4Swiss/Lindel’s operations started to reduce drastically. Under the circumstances of parts being intricately operated on dedicated 5-axis Mills, only two operations would be required. Currently, P4Swiss/Lindel has a lead time of three to four weeks, but an importantly reduced production time of two to three days.

A 5-axis mill involves a process similar to 4-axis milling machines. However, 5-axis Mills embrace another additional axis that will rotate. 5-axis CNC machining consists of manufacturing around the B-axis. Which means the B-axis rotation process operates around the Y-axis.

P4Swiss/Lindel has a way to offer their customers an all around improved experience on their CNC milling projects. Their machine shop offers four advanced 5-axis milling machines, with work envelopes ranging up to 12 inches in diameter. Their four 5-axis CNC mills offer their customers a shorter turn time experience and completed mill runs more quickly, precisely, and efficiently than other CNC machine shops. P4Swiss/Lindel excels at machining short run production parts, with a quantity spanning 50 to 500.

An Improved Customer Experience

P4Swiss/Lindel Precision CNC shop offers many industries – including medical, aerospace, optical, and military/defense contractors – a wide selection of highly successful CNC milling and CNC machining possibilities. Their advanced techniques will provide you greater quality on efficiently designed pieces, offering a higher level of milling precision surpassing standard CNC machine shops. If you have upcoming demand for complex machined parts, with these quantities, please consider requesting a CNC quote today!

Don’t hesitate to reach out, at any time, if you have questions pertaining to the CNC programming and CNC materials available.


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