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Aerospace CNC Machining That Is Out Of This World

Aerospace CNC Machining


    Attention to detail cannot be spared when it comes to Aerospace CNC Machining.

    Here at P4Swiss/Lindel, CNC machined parts for the aerospace industry are precisely and accurately manufactured.

    A team of scientists and engineers, at the University of Arizona, reached out to us with confidence that we would efficiently meet their expectations. Thus, we partnered with NASA and the University of Arizona for the successful completion of this exciting aerospace project.

    Aerospace CNC Machining

    P4Swiss/Lindel is the most trusted manufacturer for quality and accuracy in aerospace CNC machined parts. Our shop can efficiently meet any requirements and exceed all expectations in the aerospace industry, producing precise and geometrically-customized components.

    Our team of mechanists offer exceptional detail during the machining process. They excel in the craft of 5-axis CNC milling and can effectively work with a variety of materials that range from stainless steel to titanium. For that reason, our team is the desirable choice among manufacturers in the aerospace industry, especially for manufacturing aerospace equipment and tools.

    How We Meet Your Aerospace CNC Machining Needs

    • Aerospace parts produced in an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D quality environment
    • 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC milling offered for your aerospace parts
    • Aerospace parts operated on a Gibbs/CAM system, in order to precisely machine the most intricate geometries
    • CNC turning and live tooling are, both, available for aerospace parts

    CNC Machined Parts Soaring Through The Universe

    Soaring through the solar system are our precise aeronautical parts that our facility manufactured, here in Tucson, Arizona. The mission through space is being led by the University of Arizona.

    The CNC machined component that we produced is referred to as the OSIRIS – REx spacecraft. The machined part is just a piece of an entire camera array. The camera is currently traveling faster than 800 miles per hour through the universe. As a result, quality, exceptional detail, high accuracy and precision is necessary.

    “Working with scientists and engineers at the University of Arizona is always an exhilarating experience”, said Tom Ferrara, General Manager of P4Swiss/Lindel. “Meeting their design and engineering specifications, as well as helping with the production of OSIRIS – REx, took real team effort”.

    The experts who designed the aeronautical wonder-camera are the scientists and engineers at the University of Arizona.

    An Asteroid Is Documented

    101955 Bennu is known as an asteroid that is currently in our solar system. The OSIRIS – REx spacecraft is efficiently documenting this specific asteroid in space.

    101955 Bennu is an ancient relic that has been in our solar system for 4.5 billion years. Around one-third of a mile wide at the asteroid’s equator, Bennu is considered to be microscale in comparison to the universe’s planets.

    The camera was launched into space in the year 2016, in order to efficiently analyze and document the asteroid. The aeronautical wonder-camera is, also, recording astrological data and images along the way. The documentation of this asteroid began farther than one million miles off into space. Thus, every component of the camera required high accuracy and exact precision to ensure that the camera would successfully complete the mission.

    This highly efficient camera will precisely capture images as close as ten feet from the volatile surface of Bennu. Prior to the spacecraft traveling to the asteroid, scientists analyzed Bennu’s surface by radar observations here on Earth. With the help of the OSIRIS – REx spacecraft, through images taken in close range, scientists have now discovered that 101955 Bennu has a surface that is much more rough than previously thought to be.

    The Spacecraft’s Return

    The OSIRIS – REx spacecraft is the first ever United States space mission to actually bring asteroid samples back to Earth. A minimum sample size of 60 grams is returning to Earth, carried by the spacecraft. It has the ability to precisely remove Bennu’s sample from its volatile surface. The spacecraft successfully obtained asteroid samples in October of 2020.

    On September 24, 2023, the OSIRIS – REx spacecraft officially returns to Earth. With the spacecraft returning just after summer of 2023, scientists are eager to study the asteroid’s samples.

    The Spacecraft Will Tour An Additional Asteroid

    NASA has approved of the spacecraft to go on an additional mission, to study another asteroid. This asteroid is referred to as Apophis.

    The new mission, led by the University of Arizona for the second time, is going to receive a new name. The new mission is known as the OSIRIS – APEX. OSIRIS – APEX is shortened for OSIRIS – Apophis Explorer. This spacecraft’s mission will last for 18 months.

    “When we think about the impact our Tucson CNC machining shop has made out there, it is almost overwhelming”, said Tom Ferrara. “Our precision CNC capabilities have revealed the most inspirational opportunities and we are thrilled to see where we will be going next”.

    Quality Aerospace CNC Manufacturing

    From our Tucson, Arizona CNC machine shop to the outer reaches of space, CNC manufacturing for the aerospace industry – at P4Swiss/Lindel – helps and supports aeronautical research and scientific study.

    Our quality team of experts, along with the scientists and engineers at the University of Arizona, can pride oneself in the equipment and specialty of the CNC machined parts that have traveled millions of miles through the solar system – once the OSIRIS – REx spacecraft returns to Earth from its mission.

    Our highly qualified team of machinists can precisely and accurately machine parts for various industries, including aeronautical CNC, medical CNC, optical CNC and military CNC parts.

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