High-Quality CNC Machining & Advanced Project Management

Do you have a project that requires welding and painting on precise and complex manufactured parts?

P4Swiss/Lindel not only provides high-quality welding and painting for your manufactured parts, they’ll also provide CNC advanced project management!

Precise CNC Machining for Driverless Semi Trucks

With their advanced milling abilities and lathes that produce precise complex parts, their team made three separate milled and lathe turned parts – providing their customers high-quality and precise manufactured parts for driverless semi trucks. P4Swiss/Lindel assembled these parts with the help of their two certified welders and welded the aluminum parts together. The aluminum parts were, then, smoothly blended out so they couldn’t be seen. Now, these parts were ready for their highly qualified powder coater to coat them in black powder. Once the manufactured parts had black powder coating, they were ready for a final quality inspection. Then, delivered to the happy customer.

P4Swiss/Lindel CNC Advanced Project Management Process

At P4Swiss/Lindel, managing your entire project is one of the skills they’re good at! Their CNC advanced project management process consists of:

  1. Quoting the assemblies
  2. Computer numerical controlled (CNC) mill programming
  3. Computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathe programming
  4. Ordering raw materials
  5. Assembling the parts to be welded and smoothly blended
  6. Painting the manufactured parts
  7. Making a final inspection

A One Stop Shop

P4Swiss/Lindel provides their customers a one stop shop – with advanced and precise CNC machining, affordable pricing, and everything you would need for your entire project. With their advanced CNC machine shop, quality CNC programming, and precise manufacturing abilities, they provide their customers excellent support even after the sale. Let P4Swiss/Lindel manage your project for you, ensuring you receive exceptional customer service and high-quality, detailed manufactured parts.