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The ‘Precise’ Advantages of Advanced, Multi-Axis CNC Milling

Since 1987, the team at P4Swiss / Lindel has been providing precision, multi-axis milling to our customers throughout the southwest United States and across the nation. Specialty manufacturers including medical and optical, aerospace, military/defense contractors, and more have relied on P4Swiss / Lindel for the advanced machining precision necessary to success in their highly competitive industries.

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“We’re truly honored to partner with our milling and precision CNC customers,” said Tom Ferrara, General Manager at P4Swiss / Lindel. “As these industries continue to advance, the precision and intricacy of the parts we produce become more amazing with every order.”

Capabilities available through the P4Swiss / Lindel Precision CNC shop offer manufacturers a wide array of highly precise milling and CNC machining options. Base CNC machines, working on 3-Axis – cutting or grinding the material on the X, Y, and Z, axes – produce complex designed components beautifully. For the more intricately designed pieces, P4Swiss / Lindel also offers advanced, 4-Axis and 5-Axis CNC machining, increasing the ability to produce high complex components as well as reducing time spent on set-up while improving quality. This not only provides a level of milling precision beyond standard machine shops, but also helps in the concept-to-production stages and speeds up overall CNC milling production times.

“The ability to produce small, highly complex parts, even as one-offs for testing, gives our customers a leg up on the competition and a leap ahead in production time,” said Ferrara.

If you’re interested in learning more about the P4Swiss / Lindel precision CNC milling and machining capabilities or would like a free quote, you can reach out to our Production Manager, Tony Torrez, at, call 520-792-3160, or click the “Request a Custom CNC Quote Today” link below.

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