Lindel has specialized in CNC Machining as Tucson's best Machine Shop for the past decade. Excelling in medical machining and aerospace applications, we provide high quality products time and time again.

Managing The Growth In CNC Manufacturing

CNC Manufacturing

Today, there are more and more companies who prefer CNC Manufacturing, to ensure continuous precision and accuracy on their part or equipment.

CNC Manufacturing refers to a computer numerical control machining process that performs numerous procedures on a part, uninterrupted, without stopping for modifications.

CNC Manufacturing

Lindel Engineering started in 1987. Jack McFarland bought Lindel Engineering in 2001, just after the 9/11 Trade Center disaster. By 2008, our facility moved to a new custom building designed just for us, where we have now been located ever since. When the year 2019 came around, Lindel Engineering merged with Precision 4 Swiss, a Swiss machine shop that was, originally, from California. Today, our machine shop is P4Swiss | Lindel CNC Machining.

Tom Ferrara joined our company as the Quality Manager. Within only a few months of hiring him, in 2012, Tom received a promotion to General Manager.

“Jack had been wanting to get into the Swiss business for several years”, says Tom. “One day, he noticed that there was a Swiss company for sale in the state of California. Jack bought it and moved everything to our facility in Tucson, Arizona. Thus, allowing our machine shop to provide Swiss CNC Manufacturing, as well”.

Ferrara started in the typewriter repair and copier sales business. Along the way, he progressed his abilities and learned tool & die manufacturing from his father-in-law, in the state of Michigan. “I really like making things”, he says. Ferrara decided to get back into the CNC Manufacturing business, after being a Branch Manager for Sharp Business Systems. “Now I have an entire team that excels at making things”, Ferrara states.

Our facility specializes in Medical CNC Machining, Aerospace CNC Machining, Defense CNC Machining and Optical CNC Machining. “Our niche is short-run production”, says Ferrara. “We have manual and CNC lathes. The CNC mill machines have a short-run production of 25 to 50 pieces. Not only that, our high quality Swiss machines have a short-run production of 500 to 10,000 pieces”.

P4Swiss | Lindel CNC Machining is properly certified and ITAR compliant. Our facility utilizes advanced equipment and process monitoring practices that follow the ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D standards.

CNC Mill Manufacturing

Our 10,000 square ft. facility accommodates eight CNC milling machines. Four of our CNC mills have a dual-axis trunnion rotary that is incorporated.

When a 3-axis CNC mill machine has a dual-axis trunnion rotary table, 5-axis CNC Manufacturing is performed with precision and accuracy. “This means that we can machine on all five sides of a part, without having to let go of it”, Ferrara describes. “Therefore, our machine shop can guarantee faster lead times and higher quality manufactured parts”. With our 5-axis CNC milling capabilities, your part will not have to navigate through three or four separate set-up procedures, on different machines, like 3 and 4-axis milling requires.

Our fourth dual-axis trunnion rotary table is referred to as our “floater”. Thus, making sure that one is immediately available, if one of the other three dual-axis trunnion rotary tables were to break down for any reason. Tom Ferrara states, “You get into surges of work, at times. Say you need a 5-axis CNC milling machine when, all of a sudden, it breaks down and it will be out of service for three months. It will leave you in a pretty bad predicament. As a result, our fourth back-up dual-axis trunnion rotary table can guarantee a pretty good redundancy”.

Swiss CNC Manufacturing

P4Swiss | Lindel CNC Machining has four CNC Lathes – two of them are known as multi-axis lathes. Furthermore, our machine shop, also, accommodates the aforementioned Swiss CNC Machines.

“We have two Star Swiss-Type Lathes and two Citizen Swiss-Type Lathes within our Swiss department”, Tom Ferrara goes on to say. “Basically, you will insert a metal rod in the machine’s feeder, running one part right after the other, with absolutely no wait time in between the parts. It is very productive”.

Swiss CNC Manufacturing entailed an investment in a specialized microscope. “The tolerances are so small and precise that we could not see them with traditional inspection equipment”, Ferrara mentions. Our specialized $50,000 microscope is for parts validation. In addition to that, our machine shop has a high quality control lab that contains a programmable CMM machine, as well.

A Growing Reputation For CNC Manufacturing

P4Swiss | Lindel CNC Machining has a reputation for quality and on-time delivery. Moreover, our machine shop is widely known for effectively handling the tough, exotic and difficult parts and materials.

Non Ferrous & Exotic Materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Titanium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Teflon

Machinable Plastics:

  • Delrin
  • Noryl
  • Peek
  • PVC
  • UHMW

Our customers will come to us and say, “I can not find a machine shop that can do this. Can you help out?” Our team will look at the requirements and, instead of saying that we cannot machine it, we have always tried to say, “Let us help you figure this out”. It is an approach that has significantly paid off.

Raytheon and Leidos are two of our company’s biggest aerospace and defense customers. We, additionally, manufacture machined parts for local medical device companies, one of which is Accelerate Diagnostics, which has over 100 employees.

With the various medical device customers that we have, our machine shop took on numerous projects during the pandemic, particularly related to making mechanical ventilators. The Aerospace & Defense industries, along with the Medical device sector, helped us grow, excel and break our all time revenue record that was set in the year 2020. “We surpassed 2020 in the year 2021”, states Ferrara. “And 2022 has, already, exceeded the 2021 numbers. For 2023, we have a healthy forecast that far exceeds anything we have set so far, in our company’s history, and we think we can hit it”. Our company is rapidly growing and continuously expanding.

Quality & Precise CNC Manufacturing

P4Swiss | Lindel CNC Machining is dedicated to providing highly qualified CNC machined parts. The manufactured parts that we make are utilized in a wide variety of products, across various industries.

Our machine shop can make numerous custom designed projects for our customers. We utilize our technical support, breadth of knowledge and experience to make sure that we provide full support to our customers, throughout each step of the manufacturing process, from research and development to the production of the order. Our facility can assure you hands-on customer support.

If you have a question or would like to submit your own custom CNC or Swiss CNC RFQ, please contact Tony Torrez at, call us 520.792.3160 or click the “Request A CNC Quote Today” button below.

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