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Aerospace CNC Machining | Featuring A Torlon Part


    Attention to detail cannot be spared when it comes to Aerospace CNC Machining.

    As a company who has manufactured a wide variety of aerospace components, we can fabricate highly complex and intricate geometries.

    Aerospace Manufacturing requires quality and thorough management through each level of the production operation. That is why we utilize an advanced project management process. It allows our machine shop to precisely manufacture geometrical parts that operate with high performance.

    Advanced Project Management in Aerospace Manufacturing

    Here at P4Swiss | Lindel CNC Machining, your aerospace component is going to receive an advanced project management process.

    We are regularly improving production efficiencies within our manufacturing facility. Therefore, cutting corners is a risk that our team of machinists will refuse to take.

    We have a team of experts who will sufficiently manage the entire project’s production process, from beginning to end, essentially providing you with a one stop shop. In other words, your aerospace part is going to have everything that is necessary, in order to make it highly qualified and high performing. Our machine shop will oversee:

    1.  Quoting the assemblies
    2.  Programming the computer numerical control (CNC) mill
    3.  Programming the computer numerical control (CNC) lathe
    4.  Ordering the raw materials
    5.  Assembling and welding the project
    6.  Smoothly blending out the project
    7. Painting the surface
    8. Making a final quality inspection

    With our precise manufacturing procedures and the advanced project management practices that we integrate, we can assure you that your aerospace component will receive the utmost attention to detail, from design review and prototyping to delivery.

    “We do not want any interruptions to emerge in our customer’s supply chain or workflow”, says Tom Ferrara, General Manager at P4Swiss | Lindel CNC Machining.

    Aerospace CNC Machining

    CNC Manufacturing is, especially, ideal for the Aerospace Industry.

    Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining has various advantages, particularly when it comes to aerospace part production, such as:

    • High Performance
    • Complete Efficiency
    • Detailed Precision

    Aerospace components have to comply with industry specific standards to prevent structural failure. All aerospace projects will contain intricate geometries, detailed dimensions and tight tolerances. It is vital that each aerospace part can operate with high performance in the extremely tough environments. Our aerospace CNC machining process enables our facility the ability to successfully produce a wide range of parts for the aerospace industry, guaranteeing reliability, dependability and a long life cycle.

    Your aerospace component is going to receive improved efficiency in an automated machining operation, due to the higher speeds and shortened production cycles. With a CNC machine, there will be numerous manufacturing procedures performed on your part simultaneously.

    CNC manufacturing is known to be increasingly precise. CNC machines continue to advance, ultimately improving the precision machining process. Having the ability to perform better accuracy, while properly maintaining process control, will minimize any manufacturing defects on your aerospace project. Our CNC machinery is going to fabricate highly durable and quality components that come with the tightest tolerances.

    Torlon PAI in Aerospace Manufacturing

    When it comes to the Aerospace Industry, it is critical that parts are fabricated with a material that can effectively withstand challenging environments.

    Aerospace components are required to properly operate in significantly harsh temperatures, as well as under extremely stressful conditions. As a result, aerospace parts need to be produced with a specific resin that can efficiently maintain these high performance capabilities.

    Torlon PAI (polyamide – imide) is a resin that is common within several aerospace applications. The Torlon PAI material is an engineering thermoset polymer that is, generally, composed of about 30% glass fiber. This particular resin contains a combination of properties, which are crucial to the aerospace components that will endure challenging conditions. Aerospace CNC parts that have the Torlon material will have strength and durability in severe environments. The Torlon PAI material is going to assure:

    • Heat Resistance
    • Chemical Resistance
    • High Thermal Stability
    • High Impact Resistance

    High Quality Aerospace CNC Machining

    Today, there are more and more companies in the aerospace industry who prefer CNC manufacturing.

    The CNC machining process is going to ensure that there is continuous precision and exact accuracy performed on your aerospace project.

    We utilize our technical support, breadth of knowledge and extensive experience to make sure that we provide full support to our aerospace customers, from research and development to the production of the order. Our facility can assure you hands on customer support, as well as customer satisfaction.

    How P4Swiss | Lindel CNC Machining will properly meet the industry requirements for your Aerospace Project:

    • Products are produced in an ISO 9001:2015 quality environment
    • Parts receive precision machining on a 3-axis, 4-axis & 5-axis CNC mill
    • Components undergo a CNC Turning process with Live Tooling
    • Projects are completed on a Gibbs | CAM system, to precisely fabricate the most intricate geometries

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