Lindel has specialized in CNC Machining as Tucson's best Machine Shop for the past decade. Excelling in medical machining and aerospace applications, we provide high quality products time and time again.

Precision Swiss CNC For Medical and Defense Dependability and More

When the medical industry or defense contractors need reliable precision machined components, they turn to the Swiss CNC machining expertise of P4Swiss / Lindel. Their ability to consistently manufacture quality, complicated machined parts supports a variety of essential industries we rely on every day.

custom swiss cnc machined parts

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A recent custom order posed a unique challenge for the CNC Swiss machining team. Specifications for the component to be used in a defense manufacturing operation were small and complex, with a length of only two inches, a narrow, tapered tip, and a threaded collar. It was necessary to get inside the collar without damaging the tip or disturbing the outside collar threads. Using the skills of the experienced machinists at P4Swiss / Lindel, their Swiss CNC lathes had no trouble producing the part to exact specifications.

“We pride ourselves on our reliable quality, lead time, and competitive pricing,” said Tom Ferrara, General manager for P4Swiss/Lindel. “Being able to consistently meet or exceed client expectations is just another reason customers choose us and keep coming back.”

P4Swiss/Lindel works with a variety of industries including aerospace, defense, optical, and medical sectors, and offers the same outstanding customer service and workmanship across the board. Over the last year, they increased their CNC Mill/Lathe and Swiss CNC machining capabilities by adding a Doosan Puma 2100SY lathe with an integrated y-axis that boosts productivity by handling each precision part, beginning to end.

“Our top priority is serving our clients,” said Ferrara. “By increasing capacity and continuing to grow in CNC Swiss machining expertise, we can deliver the most complicated parts to happy clients in a timely manner, every time.”

Count on P4Swiss / Lindel for all your CNC Swiss or CNC Mill/Lathed parts, including small runs or complex machined parts. You can submit a quote request directly through our website by clicking the link below or by contacting our Production Manager, Tony Torrez, at or calling 520-792-3160.