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Precision Machining A Nixie Tube Watch


    Precision Machining a Nixie Tube Watch requires a complex, precise and advanced manufacturing process.

    A nixie tube watch is the solution to frustratingly short battery lives that the modern watches, today, have embodied.

    Here at P4Swiss/Lindel CNC Machining, we recently received the unique opportunity to manufacture watch housing components. Our team of mechanists effectively produced, both, round and square watch housing case units that have a high level of strength and durability, particularly fabricated for the Nixie Tube Watch.

    Precision Machining The Original Round Nixie Tube Watch

    A round Cathode Nixie Tube Watch was brought to light by a man who is named Steve Wozniak.

    This particular watch is a double digit wristwatch that is specifically manufactured with nixie tubes. When the precision machining operation transpired for a round nixie watch housing case, nixie tubes were essentially known to be sixty year old display technology. Nixie tube display technology started to gradually expand in the year 1955.

    Precision Machining lightweight and significantly strong aircraft aluminum and hard anodized is how the round nixie watch housing case is manufactured. The back end of the nixie watch case is delicately and precisely contoured. That way, the watch will be endlessly comfortable to wear. The measurements of this watch are, approximately, estimated at around 55 mm in diameter and 20 mm in thickness.

    A nixie watch is uncomplicated and effortless to read when telling the time. This is due to precision machining a round, distinctive electronic display. The watch is efficiently designed and produced with a no button-pushing feature. It will simply require the display of the watch to be tilted to your typical angle of view. Once you tilt the display of the watch, the hours, then the minutes, will quickly surface in aesthetically pleasing and perfectly forming numbers that glow in the color orange. It presents the time of day in two orange digits, arranging the numerals with a glowing discharge. Therefore, 15mm tall digits will be presented to make certain that the time can be easily read in adverse situations.

    Precision Machining The Square Nixie Tube Watch

    Resembling a round nixie watch, Precision Machining a square Nixie Tube Watch is also going to require nixie tubes. By the time the watch housing components were developed for the square watch, nixie tubes were now referred to as sixty to seventy year old display technology.

    The measurements of the square watch housing case unit, as a whole, can be estimated at 48 mm wide by 53 mm tall. A square nixie watch case is only going to measure about 16 mm thick. The square nixie watch is quite slimmer, ultimately estimating about 6 mm thinner than the round watch housing case unit.

    Highly sturdy and lightweight aircraft aluminum and anodized is utilized in the square nixie watch’s precision machining operation, as well. However, unlike the round watch housing case, the back end of the square nixie watch case will be fabricated with a hard anodized, while the front end of the case is composed of a colored anodized. The square watch housing case unit was thoroughly redesigned, in order to accommodate two aluminum shells that were, essentially, half-depth. The square electronic display will allow for the nixie tube digits to be completely and utterly shown and easily read. As a result, a square watch housing case requires a production process that is going to be reliable, durable and highly accurate.

    Characteristics Of The Square Nixie Tube Watch

    • Thinner
    • Rechargeable
    • Easier To Set Time


    How Long Do Nixie Tubes Last?

    The round nixie tube watch is precision machined to hold a CR2 battery. With a CR2 battery, the round nixie watch will successfully operate for four months, at the minimum. That is, when the watch is being used every single day. Even when the watch is not being worn and used on a daily basis, a round nixie watch is going to require the battery to be replaced, at least, once a year. The reasoning for this is because the timekeeping logic will, ultimately, utilize the CR2 battery.

    When it comes to the square nixie tube watch, it is precision machined to utilize a rechargeable battery. The square nixie watch can be used daily and on a regular basis, for weeks at a time, before the rechargeable battery needs to be charged. Once the watch has been continuously worn for a few years, this rechargeable battery will need to be replaced and switched out for a new one. These batteries will start to degrade and deteriorate slowly, over time, after continuous and reliable use. For that reason, there are batteries that are available for replacement.

    Are Nixie Tubes Waterproof?

    Precision Machining a round nixie tube watch to be water repellent is critical. The watch housing case units need to be precisely and firmly sealed together, in an o – ring seal, so that it is successfully waterproof and watertight. This will effectively keep out any of the dust, dirt and water. A watch housing case for the square nixie tube watch is, also, going to be securely sealed together against water ingress. That being the case, the square nixie watch will additionally be water resistant and efficiently keep out the dust. Therefore, it is necessary that the watch housing case units receive a quality and highly accurate precision machining operation.

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