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Increasing Precision CNC Machining business

In my last 2 blogs I’ve talked about the process of a machined part from start to finish. I will be continuing that series next month but today I’d like to side step a bit and talk about something very exciting that will impact your next project-Lindel Precision CNC Machining is very proud to introduced 2 new machines into our shop. Last week our new Aberlink CMM inspection machine was delivered. The addition of our new Aberlink CMM machine will help eliminate inspection bottlenecks. Measures approximately 20% quicker than standard variant making it ideal for high volume measuring. The Axiom Too HS also utilizes 0.1 um resolution scales on each axis. Incorporated with state-of-the-art error mapping techniques making this machine the most accurate machine produced by Aberlink-making it ideal for measuring tight tolerances.

The other addition to our shop is the Hass 5 axis machine which will allow us to provide faster delivery on complex parts with a better economic value for our customers. Lindel Precision Machining’s growth makes us the ideal partner for your next short run production.  Click on our quote page to submit your request today.

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